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Find out more about SmartScale's new businesses!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Photo: Geeks in Cambodia

On July 25, SmartScale's Demo Day, many important people in the local startup community, such as startups, investors, accelerators, corporates, the media, and the government, came together at Raintree to watch the 11 SmartScale startups pitch their ideas.

The program, which was made by Mekong Strategic Partners and Seedstars together, covered things like how to target customers, how to grow, and how to get money. It was made with lean and growth methods in mind to help businesses grow faster. This was done in different ways, such as through workshops with teachers, one-on-one talks with entrepreneurs in residence, and "ecosystem dinners."

Here are the startups:

  • Bongpheak is the first website in Cambodia that focuses on low-skilled and unskilled jobs.

  • is the first place to look if you want to do online shopping in Cambodia that you can trust.

  • Impact Explorer is a way for independent travelers to connect with meaningful travel adventures that change people's lives.

  • DirexPlay is a new company that makes fun smartphone games that let you be yourself and connect with other players so you can enjoy the moment of play.

  • First Womentech Asia is a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform for hospitals that aims to improve the way hospitals do business, the level of healthcare services, and license fees.

  • Healthogo is a solution that helps health providers get new customers and keep the ones they already have by giving them tools that are both cost-effective and based on what patients want.

  • Kokopon is a website that lists goods and services that are heavily promoted for a short time and cost 50% less than the original price.

  • Muuve is a food delivery service with smart apps to help people with their busy lives and a place for Cambodians and local businesses to connect.

  • RENTKH TECH: RENTKH.COM is a website where people can list and book rental properties. Their strength is that they have thousands of homes in stock and live updates.

  • TK Express/Bloc: TK Express started BLOC in 2018 as an online store and delivery service for consumer goods in Cambodia. They are more than just a delivery service. The team goes above and beyond by giving you things you need every day.

  • Wayhome: provides easy-to-use service options for renters, landlords, and real estate agents who need help with home and office rentals.

"There has been a big increase in the number of tech startups, and at the same time, help programs like SmartScale are needed. Many of these startups still need help to make their business models more sustainable, figure out how to grow, come up with plans for growth, and get funding. One thing that's missing is knowing what investors want. Investors want to see more diverse teams, validated business models, and companies that know more about what customers want. And that led to the creation of SmartScale driven by Seedstars," said Kate Heuisler, Chief of Party at DAI, USAID's Development Innovations.

For more information, visit the SmartScale website.


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