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Demo Cambodia & Launch of the Cambodia Startup Handbook

The Cambodia Startup Handbook was launched today at the American Chamber of Commerce's Demo Cambodia event in Phnom Penh. The handbook is the first publication specifically written for technology startups in Cambodia to address the legal, tax and intellectual property issues faced by founders and investors.

The publication is co-authored by Sreypeou Chaing, Junro Binag, Pheng Thea and David Haskel of the Cambodia Startup Advisers professional alliance.

“Startups need to take the law seriously,” said David Haskel, addressing the audience as keynote speaker. “Working informally will eventually catch up with you, whether in scaring off investors or a letter from the tax department. We’ve written this book to help founders navigate these issues in Cambodia.”

According to a recent survey , six in ten founders said that information on legal and tax advice for startups was difficult or impossible to access. The handbook addresses this need with chapters covering incorporation, labour law, startup finance, tax basics and incentives, and the full range of intellectual property topics.

The publication is available through the Cambodia Startup Advisers, Amazon and on Kindle as an e-book.


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