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Small Business Management

Updated: May 21, 2021

The "BUS401: Small Business Management" is one of the course books at The Tony Fernandes school of Business, The University of Cambodia. The lessons from the book cover all necessary knowledge and skills for the start-up or business management such as 4Ps of marketing mix, business financing, business registration, accounting and finance, how to start-up, buy existing business or franchise, and so on.

Figure 1 : BUS401's Course Book

Even if the book is in Western context, the ways I teach the students are more practical in Cambodia, which is able to use in reality.

Figure 2 : BUS401k Online Quiz and Group Discussion

Recently, I have taught 4 classes with 100+ students. That has been the great experiences with these students at year 3 and 4; business plan, case study, business movie, online quiz, weekly reflection summary, and more are applied in the classes.

Figure 3 : BUS401k - 9 Groups of Business Plan Discussion

I appreciated the evening class: most of them are working full time, but still committed to make the business plan presentation more interesting, but not perfect. They just smiled and moved forward until the term ended; even if I know in their minds...felt very exhausted.

Figure 4 : BUS401 - 5 Groups of Business Plan Discussion

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