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Global Marketing

Updated: May 21, 2021

Cambodia is the import country. There are not many local-made products which are international recognized and exported to the globe. As MIT media, in 2016 Cambodia exported US $10 billion and imported US $11.7 billion, resulting in a negative trade balance of US $1.64 billion.

According to Mr. Te Taingpor, the president of the Federation of Association for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia at the recent interview (Jan-2018) with Phnom Penh Post, Cambodian exporting is mainly on shoe and garment sectors about 70% of the total export while the rice, sugar and rubber are about 20%. Less than 10% are from SMEs.

The course (MKT401) of "Global Marketing" at The Tony Fernandes School of Business at The University of Cambodia has given the students a broader view of global marketing perspectives, especially how to bring a local product to any international market. The students have worked very hard to think outside the box by developing a business plan to bring a Cambodian product to sell into the international or even global markets; some manufacture, export or build own brand. Nothing is impossible; even hard, at the end is done.

Figure 1: Group activities of MKT401, The Tony Fernandes School of Business

Many activities are in the class, and we have online quiz, case study, business movie, business plan, weekly reflection, and others. Maybe stressful, the assignments will build the hard-working, analytical and initiative characteristics of the students to be ready in completing internationally or having that equivalent quality.

Figure 2: Exam activities of MKT401, The Tony Fernandes School of Business

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