ACCA-P1: Governance, Risk & Ethics

Updated: May 21, 2021

"P1: Governance, Risk & Ethics" is a book or course approved by ACCA. Many of people when they hear "ACCA", they assume that the number calculation will be included. Anyway, within this book the majority is not involved in calculation, but learn on how to have a good corporate governance, mange organization risks more effective and efficient, and keep an organization or employee having more ethical or moral both personal and professional.

Online Quiz 's Master Student Activities at Institute of Finance and Accounting

I've taught this course P1 to two classes of Master students at Institute of Finance and Accounting (IFA). All of them are an employee from a private company, NGO, gov't, or even own business. I'm proud that they've brought the real workplace experiences to contribute to the classes, and kept managing their busy/tired time from work and family to join the classes to pursue personal growth because only keep learning and growing themselves continuously are the only way to make them more competitive and be promoted to higher position.

They enjoyed many movie/video which're related to real workplace examples (Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room, An Inconvenient Truth, etc.), got the practical examples of current companies/contexts from both local and international from Acleda Bank, Prasac, United Airline, UBER, Zappos, Microsoft, Enron, Apple, and many more.

In Cambodia, I noted that banking and corporate organizations have more standards on good corporate governance, risk, and ethics as international level, e.g. Acleda Bank. Anyway, it is hard to find these good in SMEs.

I hope they do learn the practical knowledge which is able to apply in their current workplace or own business in order to help their organization more good corporate governance, sound risk management system, and actions with personal and professional ethics.

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