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Retailing Management

Updated: May 21, 2021

I have a chance to teach this book on a course MKT403: Retailing Management to third and fourth year students at The Tony Fernandes School of Business (TFSB), University of Cambodia. Even though it is not in Cambodian context, the concepts are applicable for any retailing business, especially the medium and corporate retailing companies.

Room 818 at University of Cambodia

Online Quiz Student Activities at The Tony Fernandes School of Business, University of Cambodia

Retailing business is a billion-dollar industry, and some of global billion-dollar retailers are such as Walmart, IKEA,,,, Office Depot, etc.


Cambodia is a user or consumer country, and the retailing business is one of the golden opportunities which almost most of the rich businesspeople in this country are doing. It is your opportunity; you can import food, beverage, electronic products, etc. to this young population country which about 70% are in generation Y & Z.

Due to Cambodia's GDP growth annually 7+% and lower middle income, the regional retailers are seeing a huge opportunity within this small population 15+M. We have Aeon Mall from Japan, Parkson from Malaysia, E-mart one of the biggest retailers from Korea, and others may be on studying like 7-Eleven, etc.

It is challenging to apply the technology in the class, but they are the future entrepreneurs, and accepting the challenge is the only way to bring them more competitive. Here, they are adopting with it by doing the online quiz, and other technology tools are used in the class to make it faster, easier, and paperless.

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