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Speaker on "Millennials and Startups"

Updated: May 21, 2021

It was my first time as speaker in my life; could not sleep well for few days, but it was very excited and memorizing experience.

I was invited to share the experiences on start-up and how to pursue a dream by starting from scratch or zero at the Forum for Success organized by School of Business, University of Cambodia. I just have 3 stories to tell them at that forum:

Forum for Success_University of Cambodia

The story#1 is about "Life and Study". The story#2 is about "Pursue a Dream", and the last story is about "Failures and Challenges". I will not go to each detail.

The life of entrepreneur is never easy for the first few years. However, the good news is that "Entrepreneur is doing what other people cannot do for few years, and living the rest of life like others cannot."

Just patient and do it. Put a hope in the future.

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