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The Marketing Trends of 2023 [Highlights]

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

As everything is evolving rapidly, it is time for marketers to anticipate what the new year will bring. Based on the most recent research and insights from Gartner, the following are some of the most influential marketing trends that will influence the industry in 2023.

The Marketing Trends of 2023 [Highlights]

- Loyalty programs will become increasingly data-driven and strategic. By 2023, both B2B and B2C companies will increase the proportion of their marketing budgets allocated to loyalty programs. As more businesses launch and revamp loyalty programs, the competition for consumer attention and first-party data will intensify. Best-in-class loyalty program CMOs will focus on establishing emotional connections, personalized experiences, and social impact in addition to transactional rewards.

- Content marketing will evolve into content intelligence. The focus of content marketing will shift from producing and distributing content at scale to leveraging data and analytics to create content that is pertinent, engaging, and effective. By 2023, platforms for content intelligence will allow marketers to optimize content creation, distribution, and performance across channels and audiences. Additionally, content intelligence will assist marketers in measuring the impact of content on business outcomes and consumer behavior.

- Artificial intelligence will control the customer experience. Throughout the entire consumer journey, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a crucial role in delivering seamless, personalized, and predictive customer experiences. By 2023, solutions enabled by artificial intelligence will allow marketers to automate tasks, generate insights, and optimize campaigns. AI will also aid in the creation of dynamic content, the provision of real-time recommendations, and conversational assistance.

These are some of the marketing trends that will influence the industry in 2023. Check out our most recent report, The Future of Marketing, to learn more about how to adapt to these changes and remain ahead of the curve.

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