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The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to unleash your creativity and live a more fulfilling life, you should definitely check out “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” by Rick Rubin. Rubin is one of the most influential music producers of all time, having worked with artists such as Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Adele, and many more. He is also known for his unconventional approach to making music, which involves tapping into the essence of each artist and helping them express their true vision.

In this book, Rubin shares his insights and wisdom on how to cultivate a creative mindset and attitude in any field or endeavor.

He explains how creativity is not a talent or a skill, but a way of being that anyone can develop and practice.

He also reveals how creativity can help us overcome challenges, find meaning, and connect with ourselves and others.

Some of the topics that Rubin covers in this book are:

- How to overcome fear and self-doubt that block our creative potential

- How to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity as sources of inspiration

- How to listen deeply and empathetically to ourselves and others

- How to collaborate effectively and respectfully with different people and perspectives

- How to balance discipline and spontaneity in the creative process

- How to find joy and satisfaction in the creative act itself

Here are five important things to learn from this book:

- Being creative is more of a way of life than a skill or gift. Rubin thinks that everyone is creative by nature, but that we often lose touch with our natural creativity because of fear, doubt, judgment, or training. He tells us to get in touch with our creative spirit and share it in a free and honest way.

- Creativity is not something that can be done alone. Rubin says it's important to work with people who share your goals and interests and who can push you and help you grow. He also says it's important to listen to your collaborators and viewers with care and understanding, and to be open to feedback and new ideas.

- Creativity is not a rigid plan, but a fun way to explore. Rubin believes that the best way to make music is to be open and try new things, make mistakes, learn from them, and find new ways to do things. He tells us not to get too attached to results or expectations, but to enjoy the trip and have fun instead.

- Creativity is an act of the spirit, not of the body. Rubin sees music as a way to connect with yourself, your collaborators, your public, and the rest of the world. He says we should learn to be thankful, curious, amazed, and in awe of the creative process and its gifts. He also tells us to rise above our egos and use our songs for something bigger than ourselves.

- Learning to be creative is a lifelong process, not a one-time accomplishment. Rubin agrees that making music is hard work that takes dedication, discipline, patience, and persistence. He tells us that we can always get better at our craft and art by learning new skills, studying new genres, discovering new influences, and pushing ourselves to get out of our comfort zone.

This book is not only for musicians or artists, but for anyone who wants to live a more creative and authentic life. Rubin shows us that creativity is not a luxury or a hobby, but a necessity and a gift. He invites us to join him in the creative act, which he describes as “a way of being in the world that is open, curious, playful, generous, and courageous”.

Whether you are looking for a new perspective, a new challenge, or a new purpose, this book will inspire you to explore your own creative potential and discover what you are capable of. As Rubin writes, “The creative act is not something we do. It is something we are.”

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