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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

“Spare” is the memoir of Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex, who was born as the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The book chronicles his life from his childhood in the royal family, to his military service in Afghanistan, to his marriage with Meghan Markle and their decision to step back from their senior roles in the monarchy. The book also reveals some of the challenges and struggles he faced as a public figure and a member of one of the most famous families in the world.

The book is written in a candid and honest style, with Prince Harry sharing his personal thoughts and feelings on various topics, such as his relationship with his father and brother, his mental health issues, his views on the media and the paparazzi, and his hopes for the future. The book also includes some photos and anecdotes from his private life, such as his wedding day, his son Archie’s birth, and his hobbies and interests.

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The book is not only a memoir, but also a reflection on the role and relevance of the monarchy in the modern world. Prince Harry discusses how he tried to balance his duty and loyalty to the crown with his desire for freedom and independence. He also explains why he and Meghan chose to leave the UK and start a new life in the US, where they founded their own charitable organization, Archewell. He expresses his respect and admiration for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, but also his frustration and disappointment with some of the traditions and expectations that come with being a royal.

The book is a compelling and insightful read for anyone who is interested in the life and personality of Prince Harry, as well as the history and future of the British monarchy. It is also a testament to Prince Harry’s courage and resilience, as he opens up about his vulnerabilities and challenges, and how he overcame them. The book is a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of a prince who chose to be a spare.

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Here are five important things to learn from this book:

- Spare shows how hard it was for Harry to live under the constant pressure and scrutiny of the royal family and the media, and how he fought for years with his mental health, identity, and sense of belonging.

- Spare also tells about Harry's time in the military, where he did two tours in Afghanistan and saw the horrors of war and the sacrifices of his fellow soldiers. He talks about how the army gave him comfort and friends, but he also had to deal with criticism and resentment because of his privileged situation.

- "Spare" gives a close look at Harry's friendship with his wife, Meghan Markle, whom he met in 2016 and married in 2018. He talks about how they fell in love, how some people were racist and mean to them, and how they chose to give up their royal duties and move to the United States in 2020.

- Spare shows how strong and brave Harry is by letting him talk about his trauma, sadness, and the way he is getting better. He talks about how he got professional help, tried therapy and meditation, and learned to be more open and honest with himself and others.

- Spare is also a call to action. Harry tells his readers to be more kind, understanding, and helpful to each other, especially those who are hurting or left out. He works to raise knowledge about mental health, protect the environment, promote social justice, and help people in need.

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