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"Retailing Management" An Interesting Subject at The Tony Fernandes School of Business, UC

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

The Tony Fernandes School of Business (TFSB) at the University of Cambodia has given me the opportunity to teach this subject to third- and fourth-year students in MKT403: Retailing Management. Even though it is not in a Cambodian context, the concepts are pertinent to any retailing enterprise, particularly medium and large retailing corporations.

Room 818 at University of Cambodia

Online Quiz Student Activities at The Tony Fernandes School of Business, University of Cambodia

Walmart, IKEA,,,, and Office Depot are just few of the billion-dollar shops in the globe. The retailing business as a whole is worth billions of dollars.

Retailing is one of the golden possibilities that practically all of the wealthy businesspeople in Cambodia are taking advantage of. Cambodia is a user or consumer country, and as a result, retailing is one of the most lucrative businesses in the country. You have the potential to import food, beverages, electronic products, and other goods to this country with a young population, of which about 70 percent are members of generations Y and Z.

The regional retailers are seeing a tremendous opportunity inside this relatively small population of 15+ million people as a result of Cambodia's higher annual GDP growth of 7+% and its lower middle class. We have Aeon Mall from Japan, and might have the Parkson from Malaysia and E-mart from Korea to be added in the future. Other retailers such as 7-Eleven and others may be added in the future.

The application of technology in the classroom poses a number of challenges, but the students in the class will one day be business owners, and they need to learn to embrace challenges in order to become more competitive. In this instance, they are embracing it by taking the quiz online, and other technological tools are utilized in the classroom to make the process more streamlined, less difficult, and paperless.


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