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Buyloy Selected for the ANGKOR 500 Globalization Accelerator Programme

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Late in the year 2020, Khmer Enterprise, which is backed by the Ministry of Finance of Cambodia, joined up with 500 Startups, a worldwide capital venture business based in San Francisco, to form the organization known as Angkor 500. In the course of the relationship, which will last for two years, the company intends to offer assistance to Cambodian businesspeople. has been selected as one of the 13 startups that will take part in the ANGKOR 500 Globalization Accelerator Programme, which will last for five weeks. As a participant in this program, will have the opportunity to benefit from the individualized support provided by the 500's global mentors, who are coming from the Southeast Asia region and the United States, as well as other opportunities to connect with industry players in key regional markets.

What will we be taught throughout the course of this program?

  • Gain an understanding of SEA business opportunities, landscape, trends in a startup sector

  • Establish connections with the most important players and prospective buyers in these new markets.

  • Learn to adopt a growth mentality in order to assist the startup in its development into a worldwide global startup.

  • Gain a better grasp of the procedures involved in global capital planning so that you can design a strategy for your startup's fundraising.

  • Learn to prepare for future involvement with international investors by improving your skills in negotiations and you will be more equipped.

In addition, the most successful firms who participate in this program will be chosen to give presentations at the ANGKOR 500 International Showcase in November of 2021.


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